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MiniTyro DX8
Heli Blade 200 SRX DX9 this my DX9 SPM file ( with voice settings) - Acro mode - switch B 0= Beginner 1= Intermediate 2=Expierence - switch C 0= Low rate 1=High rate - switch I 1= Panic mode - switch H 1= Throttle Cut ( Flight mode 2 = Throttle Cut ) throttle curve : 0,25,65,80,100 warnings: -switch H on pos 0 (Flight Mode 1 = Hoover Mode) -switch B on pos 1 or 2 ( I want to start in Beginner mode) -throttle over 15% set throttle trim high as required to start the motor, i have set it to max
Reactor DX8
Doghouse DX8
Cloud Dancer DX8
Easy Star II DX8
Sig Riser 2m DX8
350qx DX9
350 DX9
120 SR DX6
200SRX DX18
Blade 350 QX DX7s Blade 350 QX SPM File for Spektrum DX7s
UM Stryker #1 DX9 My updated version of the UM Stryker from the Spektrum website.
Blade 300x DX8
Velociraptor Canard DX6
Blade nano CPX - Only Normal Mode DX6 My first downloaded SPM (not mine). ONLY Normal mode. For beginners.
Blade 180 CFX DX6 A set up made by a local store. Namely I am not an expert but this works.
blade 180cfx DX9 blade
Blade 180 dx7s DX7s
Trex 500 ESP 3G DX9
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