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Inverza 280 DX18
Multiplex Merlin DX8 This is the save file from my DX8 for my Merlin. Has two aileron servos configured to provide flap and spoilerons.
Blade 450 3D DX8 The settings I use on my Blade 450 3D
Edge 540QQ DX8 The settings I use on my Edge 540QQ
Phoenix 2K DX8
Blade Nano CPX DX8
Blade Nano CPX - tamed DX8
Edge540QQ DX8
Radn Sail DX8 radian full house SAIL
F3A DX7s
T330SC DX7s
F3P DX7s
Nano DX7s
450X DX7s
Radian Pro DX8
msxr DX18
Parkzone Radian Pro DX9
Blade5003d DX8
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