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Nano QX DX18
dx9 DX8
surfimps ahi 3 DX6E downloaded from
Alouette III DX10T Alouette III , Raptor E620, Microbeast
Timber DX18G2
Blade_120_SR DX9 Also works with DX6
Easyglider 4 DX8G2
Big Beaver DX8 DX8 file for Twisted Hobbies Crack Beaver Turbo BIG (with leading edge flaps)
Nano1 DX9
Inductrix FPV+ DX9
DX6 Inductrix FPV+ DX9
T-REX 600 DX8
120sr DX9
200SRX DX18
PAU Viper DX18G2
BFG 2600 DX18G2 First trial of 5 flight modes, with wing camber , crow braking , speed mode , please check carefully before flying , dx18 with 8000 reciever
052~49 Gruman Albatross.SPM DX6
DX91820 2A2FST0MT1 v72.SPM DX20 Test file
X-Vert VTOL DX9 dx6i testing
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