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Get View Type Source Name Radio Description
Eflite Ultrastick 25e DX9
Trex 150 DFC DX9
Eflite Pulse XT 25e DX9
FPV Blackout Quad DX9 Quad for DX9
Blade 180CFX DX9 standard dx9 blade 180cfx
H9 TaylorCraft DX18G2 DX18 H9 TCraft
DroneRacer DX7s
Blade nano CPS DX6 Basic setup from manual for DX6
1. Blade 230s DX6 Basic setup from manual
Blade Nano CPX DX18
Nano CPS DX10T DX10t
test DX8
Mcpx BL DX18
Blade 180 DX9
001~ Aether 37.SPM DX18G2
Blade Inductrix DX6
BVM Ultra Bandit DX18G2 BVM Ultra Bandit DX18 setup file. From the BVM site.
blade 200 srx DX18
blade 450 3D DX18
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