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Edge 540QQ DX8 Nice little EFlite model. This memory uses two channels for Ailerons.
03EDGE54.SPM DX3 Another save for the Edge540 QQ, testing,testing.
Composite QQ Yak 54 DX18 Nice aerobatic plane.
UMX Beast DX8 Little bit about this model.
UM Beast DX8
UM Polecat DX8
Wildcat DX8
P-51 BL DX8
T-28 DX8
Radian Pro DX8
SE5a DX8
Icon A5 DX8
PKZ Habu DX8
UM Mossie DX8
UM Corsair DX8
B450Advanc DX8
B450 DX8
Habu 32 DX8
UMX 300 3D DX8
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