About me...

My name is Robin Kearney (My personal site), I fly model aircraft using my Spektrum Radio. A while ago I had an idea to create a website whereby people could upload saved model files and share them easily with others using simple web links. Building on this I thought it might be nice to offer some sort of visualisation of the saved model file on the web. This site is my attempt at doing that

The Future

Things I've got in my head which are still to do include:


This site is hosted on a HP Microserver at my home, it runs the Centos 6 distribution of Linux and the pages are served by Apache web server. All the code is PHP (5.3). The HTML is mostly thanks to the excellent Twitter Bootstrap framework.

SPM Parser

Possibly for interest to those who program computers, I wrote the parser in PHP which outputs the SPM file represented as a JSON data structure. I've a test page here which simply dumps the JSON to the browser. You can pass it a unique id of a model memory via the id= parameter and an optional path parameter to output just a specific section of the SPM file.

For example:

It might be of interest to some.