Spektrum Saved model file reader

This intention of this site is to allow users of Spektrum radio control equipment to upload, view and share the model memories which these radios can save to their SD cards.

At the moment you can:


Register as a new user - you don't need to provide your full name if you don't want to, your email address will not be shown anywhere on the site, and your password is stored salted and encrypted. Additionally I won't share the user database with anybody for any reason.


Once registered you can upload a SPM file from your Spektrum transmitter. You can optionally provide a name of the model and a description. If you don't provide a name I read it out of the SPM file so it will show the same as it does on your transmitter.


You can browse all your uploaded in the myuploads area, the icon allows you to download the memory to your computer, the file is untouched by me so this is the exact same file as you uploaded. Additionally the icon allows you to edit the name and description and the icon allows you to remove the memory from the database. Finally the icon takes you to the display page where you can see various information about the saved memory.


You can also browse the full list of memories held within the database on the browse page. Again, allows downloading and displays the model memory. The type coloum shows if it is a Acro, Heli or Glider memory. The Source colum shows where the memory came from if it shows a icon then a user of this site uploaded it, however if is shown then the model memory came direct from Spektrum. It is worth noting that Spektrum have nothing to do with this site, I just upload the example model memories provided by Spektrum and tag them with their logo so users can differentiate between user and spektrum provided memories.

Permanent download links

It is worth mentioning that anywhere on the site where you see the icon you can right click and choose 'Copy Link Address' or 'Copy Link Location' (depending on browser). This will copy the permanent and unique link to that model memory into your computers clipboard, you can then paste this into an email, a forum post or any other application. These links look like this:


And will remain unique and permanent so you can use them to share model memories with other Spektrum users

The future

I hope to enable a basic search function soon, and include filtering on things like Radio type, Model type etc. Also I want to provide a change password function and the ability to close your account and delete all your models. If for any reason you want to close your account before I implement that functionality, please email me at robin@kearney.co.uk